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With 41 countries visited, photojournalist Isabela Carrari started early in photography, influenced by her family in the fifth generation of photographers and filmmakers.

Isabela Carrari, Brazilian, born in 1984, bachelored in Journalism from Universidade São Judas graduated in Visual Arts: Culture and Creation from Senac. I currently work as a photojournalist at the Municipality of Santos, São Paulo. She is also dedicated to documentary projects that emphasize Brazilians people in a positive way such as “Back to My Roots”, “I Love Playing” and “Looking for Shades” (2023).


Highlight for the solo exhibition “Armazém 12A - Oficina dos Bondes”, at the Valongo International Image Festival (Brazil, 2017) and the awards Albatross Project Festival, Environmental Threats/Impact category, Winner (2015), Baixada Santista Through the Lens, Jornal A Tribuna, Finalist (2006), State Competition for Journalism Students - (PROAM), Winner (2005) and Click Santos de Fotografia, Finalist (2002). 


Her first long-term documentary project was the backstage of the Santos tram workers between 2015 to 2017. Showing work that is almost artisanal, which has a workshop dating back to last century, where restorations of the old trams that circulate through the city are still carried out.



2015    Projeto Albatroz Festival, category Threats/Environmental Impact, Winner


2006   Baixada Santista Através das Lentes, Jornal A Tribuna, Finalist


2005   Concurso Estadual de Estudantes de Jornalismo - (PROAM), Winner

2002   Click Santos de Fotografia, Finalist


2022    Elas por Elas, Teatro Guarany, Santos, Brazil (collective)

2017    Armazém 12A, Oficina dos Bondes, Valongo International Image Festival, Santos, Brazil (single)


2017    Anjos Negros, Frontaria Azulejada, Santos, Brazil (collective)


2016    Rastros, Museu da Imagem e do Som, Brazil (collective)

2016    Adoção - Mais que um ato, City Hall of Santos (individual) 


2009    Cantos da Costa - poetry in costume, Pinacoteca de Santos (collective)

2009    Imaginário do Olhar, Pinacoteca de Santos (single)



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